Video: The New iPad on Today’s THV

Above, my live hit this morning on “Today’s THV This Morning” ahead of today’s third-generation iPad launch. Drinking game: Every time someone says “device,” take a shot! And that white earbud in my ear? That was my audio link to the studio today, connected to an iPhone in my back pocket.

Today was obviously my first look at the new iPad, and the display really is all it’s cracked up to be: super high-res, vibrant colors, near-imperceptible pixels. It’s also seems every bit as speedy as you’ve heard, and definitely leaps and bounds over my first-generation iPad. And in terms of network speed, Verizon’s 4G LTE connection should really shine on the iPad. Web pages rendered quickly, and video loaded almost instantly. Oh, and video and picture quality? Off the charts, owing, again, to that gorgeous display.

There were no lines at the Midtown Little Rock Verizon store we were at, at least when I was there from roughly 6-7 this morning. But it looks as if demand will be strong (pre-orders from Apple are already sold-out).

Will I upgrade? It depends. On paper, I probably should. I use my first-generation device heavily every day. But I’m also still really happy with it and its performance (while it had gotten a bit crashy lately, stability seems to have improved after the OS 5.1 refresh), and it’s hard for me to give up on something before it’s outlived its usefulness.

But if you’re a first-time buyer, or if you’re a heavy ebook reader who wants improved resolution, it’s a no-brainer. This “device” will serve you well., on iPad, on iPad

Meanwhile, looking at on the new iPad, I get what folks like Josh Topolsky are saying about how unforgiving the display can be to websites that aren’t optimized for such a high resolution.

The headers for our main menu, in fact, seem blurry, and look even worse if you zoom in, something we’ll definitely keep in mind as we redesign our site this year.

I think we’ll see a lot of web designers — and obviously app designers — rethinking their designs in light of a such a high-res display.

Stephen Hackett, who writes 512 Pixels up the road in Memphis, viewed the new iPad at a new Verizon store. You can get his thoughts on Verizon 4G LTE, the iPad’s hotspot capability on Verizon and competing Android devices right here.

The Arkansas State Fair Began Today

Today's THV at the Arkansas State Fair
Today’s THV at the Arkansas State Fair. Monkeys, too.

The scene on “Today’s THV This Morning,” ahead of the opening today of the Arkansas State Fair. The crew wasted little time getting down to the usual monkey business. You can see the full photo set on Facebook here. Video, too.

Daniel Seddiqui and Tom Brannon

Daniel Seddiqui on ‘Today’s THV This Morning’

Daniel Seddiqui and Tom Brannon

Daniel Seddiqui and Tom Brannon. Video after the jump.

Daniel Seddiqui, whose cross-country journey to work one job in every state is documented in his book, “50 Jobs in 50 States,” made an appearance this morning on “Today’s THV This Morning.” I moderated Seddiqui’s Sunday session at the Arkansas Literary Festival (which continues through Wednesday), and since then, he’s been busy making the rounds, speaking at schools and to business groups.

Later today, he’ll speak to students at Little Rock Central High School and members of the Little Rock business community at the Downtown Little Rock Rotary Club meeting. His message, based on an intense year of travel working an array of jobs in every state, is one of perseverance, hard work, open-mindedness and hope in a tough economy.

I highly recommend his book, an entertaining assemblage of snapshots showing how people work and live in modern America. You can still meet the author himself at a book signing from 3:30-5:30 p.m. at Books-A-Million in North Little Rock. And you can buy his book right now on the Kindle version is here, and the good old-fashioned physical edition is here.

After the jump, watch the full interview with Tom Brannon on “Today’s THV This Morning.”

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Alyse Eady Joins Today's THV This Morning

Alyse Eady Joins ‘Today’s THV This Morning’


Alyse Eady Joins Today's THV This Morning

Melissa, Tom (on his soapbox), Alyse & Larry Audas

As you might have read, there’s been some shuffling going on among your local TV newscasts. Because of Arkansas Business’ news partnership with one of them, Today’s THV, I’ve been seeing some of this up close, with the departures of two morning show anchors (who are also all-around great people), Alyson Courtney and Charles Crowson.

Today, the Gannett Co-owned CBS affiliate announced new plans for its morning show, which include hiring 2010 Miss Arkansas and 2011 runner-up to Miss America Alyse Eady as co-host of “Today’s THV This Morning.” has more here.

You ought to know plenty about the 23-year-old already, in that for much of the past year, she’s been a viral video sensation, with clips of her pageant performances — a singing ventriloquist act — endlessly making the rounds online. That’s landed her on national shows like “The Late Show with David Letterman” and, well, kept her post-Miss America pageant career arguably as busy as whoever it was who actually won Miss America.

Dusting off my old “media reporter” hat, I’d say Eady’s got a challenge ahead of her. The morning show game in Little Rock is more competitive now than it’s ever been. THV rivals KATV and KARK have strong shows also vying for a growing audience of early risers. THV’s move today is an important one for its morning news franchise.

Meanwhile, as someone who regularly appears on “Today’s THV This Morning” to deliver our Arkansas Business news headlines, I wish her luck in her new job, and look forward to working with her. It’s been a pleasure working with the professionals in front of and behind the cameras on all the THV shows, and I wish them all the best. Morning TV’s fun! It’s the hours that suck. And then there’s Tom Brannon, but that’s for another post …

After the jump, the viral video clips that made Eady famous, plus an interview on “Today’s THV This Morning.” And here’s an interview with Editor Karen Martin.

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Today’s THV This Morning: The Oldy Wed Game

A Valentine’s Day treat for the folks at home. I host “The Oldy Wed Game” on “Today’s THV This Morning,” as Alyson, Tom and Melissa and their respective spouses compete to see which couple knows the most about each other. Hilarity ensues. I will not be quitting my day job.

Coffee with the Candidates: #ARElections Day on Today's THV This Morning

Your Vote 2010

Your Vote 2010

We’ve got what’s shaping up to be an unpredictable — but fun! — Tuesday morning on “Today’s THV This Morning” tomorrow, Election Day.

Hosts Alyson Courtney and Tom Brannon will be live at Community Bakery in downtown Little Rock throughout the show. I’ll be there too, and we’ll chat with some of the state’s candidates for Congressional and state offices, as well as give some final info on all the races and what to watch for on Election Night.

So who exactly’s gonna show up early? “Today’s THV This Morning” Producer Matthew Carroll says he’s called just about everybody — particularly in the U.S. House and Senate races, along with those for the state’s Constitutional offices — and most have agreed to pop in for a final informal chat over some hot coffee and pastries. Elections and eclairs! Should be hoot.

Check it out tomorrow starting at 5 a.m. on Today’s THV to see who shows.