TV Geekery: New Graphics Package on the Way at THV 11

A sample of the new graphics package coming to THV 11 News, where I appear as part of Arkansas Business' news partnership with the CBS affiliate.A sample of the new graphics package coming to THV 11 News, where I appear as part of Arkansas Business' news partnership with the CBS affiliate.

A sample of the new graphics package coming to THV 11 News, where I appear as part of Arkansas Business’ news partnership with the CBS affiliate. (That is not me.)

For what it’s worth, a THV 11 News employee notes on Facebook that this is the new graphics package the Gannett Co.-owned CBS affiliate will be switching to soon.

As a nerdy kid growing up, I used to love it when the local TV folks debuted new sets, logos and graphics. This package definitely seems simpler and cleaner than what Gannett stations are currently running. I can’t wait to see our new Arkansas Business logo within that palate.

Video: Three Things to Watch About Murphy Oil Corp.

Above, my Monday hit on Today’s THV at 6, talking about Luke Jones’ Arkansas Business cover story this week on Murphy Oil Corp. of El Dorado.

The oil company, whose CEO David Wood resigned last month, is in the middle of trying to sell it’s last remaining refinery and focusing more heavily on its retail business — namely, the Murphy USA gas stations you see at Wal-Mart Supercenters. Before his abrupt departure last month, Wood hinted that Murphy might spin off that operation to make it more attractive to shareholders. We’re not sure what the status of that plan is now that Wood is gone, but as Jones points out in his story, Murphy continues to make investments in that retail operation.

THVideo: On the Supreme Court Health Care Ruling And Arkansas

At noon, discussing the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on President Obama’s health care overhaul law with Today’s THV‘s Stefanie Bryant.

And hey — most were surprised at Chief Justice Roberts’ role in all this, but someone at Talking Points Memo was not.

THVideo: Jobs, Diversification, Manufacturing and the Wind Industry in Arkansas

I lent some comments to a quick hit on last night’s Today THV’s newscasts about how the wind industry is positioned in Arkansas. The hook?

The U.S. Wind Industry’s Annual Market Report list Arkansas as one of the top states attracting major wind energy manufactures. …

According to the Natural Resource Defense Council, Arkansas generates nearly half its electricity from coal-fired power plants, and most of the remainder from nuclear and natural gas.

The council also ranks Arkansas 27 out of of 50 states for wind power potential.

I think the bottom line is that while we’ve seen setbacks in our growing wind industry — delays by Mitsubishi in Fort Smith and Polymarin in Little Rock — we remain well-position to take advantage of an industry that’s growing as we look more and more to alternative sources of power.

Video: Wal-Mart’s Social Media Push

I stopped by Today’s THV last night to talk about Mark Friedman’s story on Wal-Mart’s social media plans, available in this week’s edition of Arkansas Business.

Friedman surveys Wal-Mart’s recent social media and e-commerce acquisitions — Kosmix, Yihaodian, Newput — and Facebook strategy and reports that this could be the beginning to a big push by the world’s largest retailer to better leverage the social web to drive online sales.

Video: The New iPad on Today’s THV

Above, my live hit this morning on “Today’s THV This Morning” ahead of today’s third-generation iPad launch. Drinking game: Every time someone says “device,” take a shot! And that white earbud in my ear? That was my audio link to the studio today, connected to an iPhone in my back pocket.

Today was obviously my first look at the new iPad, and the display really is all it’s cracked up to be: super high-res, vibrant colors, near-imperceptible pixels. It’s also seems every bit as speedy as you’ve heard, and definitely leaps and bounds over my first-generation iPad. And in terms of network speed, Verizon’s 4G LTE connection should really shine on the iPad. Web pages rendered quickly, and video loaded almost instantly. Oh, and video and picture quality? Off the charts, owing, again, to that gorgeous display.

There were no lines at the Midtown Little Rock Verizon store we were at, at least when I was there from roughly 6-7 this morning. But it looks as if demand will be strong (pre-orders from Apple are already sold-out).

Will I upgrade? It depends. On paper, I probably should. I use my first-generation device heavily every day. But I’m also still really happy with it and its performance (while it had gotten a bit crashy lately, stability seems to have improved after the OS 5.1 refresh), and it’s hard for me to give up on something before it’s outlived its usefulness.

But if you’re a first-time buyer, or if you’re a heavy ebook reader who wants improved resolution, it’s a no-brainer. This “device” will serve you well., on iPad, on iPad

Meanwhile, looking at on the new iPad, I get what folks like Josh Topolsky are saying about how unforgiving the display can be to websites that aren’t optimized for such a high resolution.

The headers for our main menu, in fact, seem blurry, and look even worse if you zoom in, something we’ll definitely keep in mind as we redesign our site this year.

I think we’ll see a lot of web designers — and obviously app designers — rethinking their designs in light of a such a high-res display.

Stephen Hackett, who writes 512 Pixels up the road in Memphis, viewed the new iPad at a new Verizon store. You can get his thoughts on Verizon 4G LTE, the iPad’s hotspot capability on Verizon and competing Android devices right here.