From Bad to Worse for Martha Shoffner & More on ‘Arkansas Week’ Tonight

Arkansas Week on AETN

8 p.m. Friday.

With Steve Barnes out, they let me host another edition of AETN‘s “Arkansas Week,” which you check out at 8 p.m. tonight or later this afternoon at this link. Once again, a big thanks to Steve and the “Arkansas Week” crew for allowing me to fill in. And thanks today’s panelists — Michael Hibblen, Hoyt Purvis and Rick Fahr — for another great show.

On the docket tonight: Martha Shoffner’s baffling May 31 court appearance, which cleared the way to Wednesday’s 14-count indictment; state finances and unemployment; Gov. Mike Beebe’s dip into the rainy day fund to help college students; slumping lottery sales; Tom Cotton’s latest moves in Washington D.C.; and update from Mayflower, where we might be close to getting some answers about that oil spill.

Falcon Jet, Mark Pryor, Medicaid, the Housing Market and More on ‘Arkansas Week’

Arkansas Week

Steve Barnes, me, Michael Hibblen and Nathan Vandiver.

In this week’s edition of AETN’s “Arkansas Week,” me, KUAR-FM, 89.1′s Michael Hibblen and Nathan Vandiver and host Steve Barnes take a look a rapidly heating U.S. Senate race, the state of the state’s economy, another milestone in the Medicaid expansion and more. Plus: Steve has a conversation with Shane Broadway, interim director of the state Department of Higher Education.

You can watch the full episode right here.

Arkansas Week: Dustin McDaniel on ExxonMobile in Mayflower & Medicaid

On this week’s edition of AETN‘s “Arkansas Week,” Steve Barnes talks to Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel about ExxonMobil and the Mayflower oil spill. Plus, me, KUAR’s Michael Hibblen and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s Doug Thompson discuss the Medicaid non-expansion expansion and gubernatorial/congressional politics.

You can watch the whole show right here.

Arkansas Week Tonight: McDaniel, Shoffner, #ARLEG, Medicaid & Wal-Mart

Arkansas Week on AETN

8 p.m. Friday.

A packed, fast-paced show tonight on AETN’s “Arkansas Week.” I join host Steve Barnes and Michael Hibblen, news director of KUAR-FM, 89.1, in Little Rock and Dr. Price Dooley of the political science department of the University of Central Arkansas.

On the agenda, Dustin McDaniel’s “meet-the-press” moment, more woes for Martha Shoffner, the coming legislative session, the great Medicaid expansion debate, the week in Wal-Mart and Tom Cotton’s first days in Congress.

Lots to cover! You can watch at 8 p.m. tonight or right here as soon as the video is available.

Jobs, the Budget, the Forestry Commission and the Presidential Race on ‘Arkansas Week’

Arkansas Week on AETN


It’s the first edition of AETN’s “Arkansas Week” of the year. Auld lang syne and whatnot!

In this episode, Michael Hibblen of KUAR-FM, Dr. Hal Bass of Ouachita Baptist University, host Steve Barnes and myself discuss today’s better-than-expected December jobs report, this week’s better-than-expected Arkansas revenue report, the Arkansas Forestry Commission’s worse-than-expected financial situation and Mitt Romney’s, well, expected win in New Hampshire.

There’s other stuff too, about how Ron Paul is the top donation-getter in Arkansas, even ahead of Rick “Where Dreams Go to Die” Perry, and what that says about where Arkansas fits in this election cycle (spoiler: It doesn’t!).

So check it out, 8 p.m. tonight on your local AETN affiliate. It’s not like there’s anything else good on TV.

(Or watch here online.)

The Holiday Economy, UCA & the Budget Bill on ‘Arkansas Week’

Me, left, on Arkansas Week

Me, left, on Arkansas Week.

I’m back on “Arkansas Week” at 8 p.m. tonight on your local AETN station. Can’t wait to talk about economic indicators on the upswing? Ready to ruminate on the continuing UCA saga? Fired up about the federal budget? Well, you can watch tonight’s episode right this very second online. Tonight’s panelists: Rick Fahr of the Log Cabin Democrat in Conway and Michael Hibblen of KUAR-FM, 89.1.

Video: Hankins, Barth & Hibblen on ‘Arkansas Week’ Tonight

Arkansas Week on AETN


Arkansas Business President and Publisher Jeff Hankins, Hendrix College Political Science Professor Dr. Jay Barth and KUAR-FM, 89.1, radio’s Michael Hibblen do Steve Barnes’ “Arkansas Week,” which you can catch at 8 p.m. tonight on your local AETN station.

Or you can catch it later today via Internet world-wide video on the tubes right here in this very place. And below!

Watch the full episode. See more Arkansas Week.

‘Arkansas Week:’ The Economy, the Switcher, Mark Martin & Rick Perry

Lance Turner and Michael Hibblen on Arkansas Week

Me and Michael Hibblen. Click the image to watch.

Tonight: Your weekly dose of “Arkansas Week,” hosted by Steve Barnes, guest-starring myself, KUAR-FM’s Michael Hibblen and Hendrix College poli-sci guru Jay Barth.

On tonight’s show:

  • We try to find some — any — bright spots in the economy
  • Ponder the new addition to the state GOP
  • Plumb the depth of Mark Martin’s Secretary of State sideshow
  • Consider the Green Party
  • Prepare for the Coming of Rick Perry

Can’t wait for the 8 p.m. air-time? You’re in luck! The show’s available right now right here on


Watch the full episode. See more Arkansas Week.