The Razorbacks' Infrastructure Plans, Home Design and the Democrat-Gazette Drops the 'N' Bomb in This Week's Arkansas Business

Lots to get to this week’s Arkansas Business newspaper, online now and at your local newsstand (they still have those!): It’s never enough is it? The University of Arkansas’ athletic department “has earmarked between $250,000 and $500,000 for an analysis of current and future facilities. Commissioning the study is the first step in what could […]

Friday Week In Review: The Week We Tweeted-up

Holy crap it’s Friday! The day we finally convicted Tony Alamo for something other than his lack of fashion sense, and the day after most of us Tweeted up. Before plunging headlong into another lost weekend, here’s a last long look at the carnage behind us: Walter Hussman allegedly kicked the tires on another “news-paper,” […]

Chris Bahn: Razorbacks Football Team to Go 8-4 Northwest Editor Chris Bahn, who covers the Arkansas Razorbacks in Fayetteville, is out with his annual video preview series for the Hogs’ 2009 season. In the above overview on the Hogs’ schedule, he predicts the team will go 8-4, despite a tough run with no weeks off. What’s your prediction for the Hogs? Is […]