My Look at Google Glass with Brant Collins

Google Glass

Google Glass, perched atop its little gray case.

Is it the future, or a Segway for your face? That’s the central question regarding Google Glass, the Internet-connected glasses with heads-up display, Wifi, Bluetooth and the ability to shoot high-definition video and photos and share them instantly with the world. Thanks to Brant Collins of Stations X of Little Rock, I was able to see Glass up close in this video for Arkansas Business.

As you can see, the video and photo quality are surprising great, and device’s potential uses has early adopters like Collins thinking of myriad ways to use Glass in business, technology, health care and more. Click here for my up-close look at Google Glass, or hit “continue reading” below and watch the video here.

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Video: The Saturday Week in Review and ‘Arkansas Week’ on AETN

It’s time to take another look at the week that was in Arkansas Business. First, above, our weekly “Arkansas Business Week in Review,” which airs Saturday mornings on THV 11 News. We look back on a week chock full of Arkansas public company earnings and other developments.

Meanwhile, AETN’s “Arkansas Week,” we talk about the farm bill in Washington D.C., new developments in the Arkansas governor’s race, earnings season and the abortion law in court. You can watch the full episode — which features me, Rick Fahr, David Keith and host Steve Barnes – right here

Big River Steel & John Correnti, on the Whispers Blog

Right here, right now on the Arkansas Business Whispers Blog, some thoughts on the historic Big River Steel mill announcement and the man at the center of the deal, John Correnti.

Correnti’s had his share of hits and misses, which give some pause. Including maybe me.

Also: I’m on “Arkansas Week” at 8 p.m., with show veteran Michael Hibblen and newbie Steve Brawner. At the top of the half-hour: An interview with Arkansas Economic Development Commission Executive Director Grant Tennille, who might have a thing or two to talk about.

TV Geekery: New Graphics Package on the Way at THV 11

A sample of the new graphics package coming to THV 11 News, where I appear as part of Arkansas Business' news partnership with the CBS affiliate.A sample of the new graphics package coming to THV 11 News, where I appear as part of Arkansas Business' news partnership with the CBS affiliate.

A sample of the new graphics package coming to THV 11 News, where I appear as part of Arkansas Business’ news partnership with the CBS affiliate. (That is not me.)

For what it’s worth, a THV 11 News employee notes on Facebook that this is the new graphics package the Gannett Co.-owned CBS affiliate will be switching to soon.

As a nerdy kid growing up, I used to love it when the local TV folks debuted new sets, logos and graphics. This package definitely seems simpler and cleaner than what Gannett stations are currently running. I can’t wait to see our new Arkansas Business logo within that palate.

A Look Back at the Year in Arkansas Business

This week’s Arkansas Business is an annual treat for me, both as part of the newspaper’s team and as a reader. It’s our yearly look back at the last 12 months of Arkansas business news, including our countdown of the year’s top 10 stories.

Arkansas Business' annual look back at the year that was.

Arkansas Business’ annual look back at the year that was.

We’ve also got a look at 2012′s best and worst and a roundup of the top 10 most-read Arkansas Business stories of the year, written by me. It’s a fun trip down memory lane.

Also: Our media reporter Kate Knable authors the latest entry in our popular Exec Q&A series. This week, Kate talks to Eliza Gaines, assistant publisher of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (and daughter of Publisher Walter Hussman Jr.), about the future of newspapers and her thoughts on print.

And finally, there’s the best quotations of 2012, including some fun article art put together by the invaluable Tre Baker. John L. Smith, Gus Malzahn, Mike Beebe, Warren Stephens — the gang’s all here. What a year it was, eh?

Arkansas Business Talks to New Team President Russ Meeks About Leadership Changes

Arkansas Business’ Todd Traub — an experienced baseball writer who literally wrote a book on the team — is the first to sit down for an on the record interview with new team president Russ Meeks about the new direction he’s talking the Texas League team:

Chief among Meeks’ concerns is the Texas League All-Star Game slated for Dickey-Stephens Park in 2014. It is a chance for the club and the state to put its best foot forward, he said.

With that in mind, Meeks said, firing Laven and Kay was not a snap decision but the result of a series of overlapping, annual internal reviews and evaluations.

“For the future, we know that we need leadership that looks at changes from a positive, affirmative standpoint and never runs into the issue of ‘we don’t do it that way’ or ‘we haven’t done it that way,’” Meeks said.

But it is the break with the past that has alarmed many longtime employees, former board members and shareholders. Many are concerned there are no real “baseball people” running the operation.

That story here, and Chris Bahn takes a look at the top-paid athletes from Arkansas.

Talking with John Boozman, Mark Pryor on Health Care Reform, the Economy & More

Arkansas Business with John Boozman

Me, sitting down with U.S. Sen. John Boozman, R-Ark.

Over at the day job, we’re rolling out a series of interviews with Arkansas’ U.S. Senators, John Boozman and Mark Pryor, on issues ranging including health care reform, the economy and pure politics.

The latest clips in the series — ones dealing with health care — rolled out today, in conjunction with Arkansas Business’ Health Care Reform Symposium. You can watch them here, here and here.

We’re continuing to roll out the rest of the interviews in the coming days.