iOS7 Panic

From Joel Housman, a front-end web developer and iOS developer, on his personal blog, on the coming “freak out” about the radically new design of iOS7, which hits iPhones and iPads sometime this fall: Now imagine what is going to happen when they see iOS 7 for the first time after having had iPhones for […]

Enhance! Enhance! Zoom! Enhance!

This ain’t “CSI.” NPR this morning on how investigators use technology to sift through digital photos and video for evidence in cases like the Boston Marathon bombing: In the nearly 17 years since Atlanta’s Olympic Park bombing, technology has transformed how large-scale investigations can work. Federal officials in Boston reportedly sifted through more than 10 […]

Brightcove’s Jeremy Allaire on His Apple TV Predictions

Brightcove chairman and CEO, writing again for AllThingsD on what he expects out of the mythical Apple TV. No. 1? The best way to consume broadcast TV and any online video. A seamless touch- and TV-based interface makes it simple to consume your existing cable and broadcast content, including video-on-demand (VOD) libraries and DVR features. Via […]

The iPad and Productivity

This, by Coding Horror programmer Jeff Atwood: After using the retina iPad for a while, I was shocked just how much of my everyday computing I can pull off on a tablet. Once you strip away all the needless complexities, isn’t a tablet the simplest form of a computer there can be? How could it […]

Steve Ballmer’s ‘War on Apple’

Via Mashable today: “We are trying to make absolutely clear we are not going to leave any space uncovered to Apple,” Ballmer told CRN following the Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto on Monday. “We are not. No space uncovered that is Apple’s.” Ballmer stressed that Microsoft had advantages in productivity, enterprise management and manageability compared […]

The ‘New iPad’ Review Round-up

The embargo fell last night. With the new iPad (iPad 3) devices on their way to stores — and the hands of those who pre-ordered — it’s time to take a look at the reviews: Walt Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal/AllThingsD: I’ve been testing the new iPad, and despite these trade-offs, its key improvements strengthen […]