I’m Moderating ‘Mind Your Business’ at the Arkansas Literary Festival on Saturday

I’m happy to once again being moderating a session at the Arkansas Literary Festival. You can read about my previous sessions here and here. This year, I’ll be overseeing a panel called “Mind Your Business,” which examines the business end of being an author, including using tools like Kickstarter to fund projects, building interactive books […]

Brightcove’s Jeremy Allaire on His Apple TV Predictions

Brightcove chairman and CEO, writing again for AllThingsD on what he expects out of the mythical Apple TV. No. 1? The best way to consume broadcast TV and any online video. A seamless touch- and TV-based interface makes it simple to consume your existing cable and broadcast content, including video-on-demand (VOD) libraries and DVR features. Via […]

SCOTUSblog on How CNN, Fox Botched the Supreme Court’s Health Care Ruling

For media nerds like me, it really doesn’t get any better than SCOTUSblog’s minute-by-minute account of how CNN and Fox News botched coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on health care reform. LOL’d: Huffington Post, even with its own reporter on the ground at the court, just couldn’t resist being the Huffington Post: Elsewhere, […]


At first I was like … But then I was all … [Drudge Report] Also: “Mandate Struck Down”: “Dewey Defeats Truman” Moment for CNN, Fox News

Video: Wal-Mart’s Social Media Push

I stopped by Today’s THV last night to talk about Mark Friedman’s story on Wal-Mart’s social media plans, available in this week’s edition of Arkansas Business.Friedman surveys Wal-Mart’s recent social media and e-commerce acquisitions — Kosmix, Yihaodian, Newput — and Facebook strategy and reports that this could be the beginning to a big push by […]

P. Allen Smith’s New Video Series, Part of YouTube Original Programming Effort, Launches

From ArkansasBusiness.com, by me: A web video channel programmed by eHow Home and featuring Arkansas-based garden guru P. Allen Smith has launched on YouTube, the massive online video website owned by Google Inc. Smith’s channel, which features video segments on gardening, landscaping, home construction and sustainable living, is among 100 other channels of original content […]