‘Arkansas Week:’ The Economy, the Switcher, Mark Martin & Rick Perry

Lance Turner and Michael Hibblen on Arkansas Week
Me and Michael Hibblen. Click the image to watch.

Tonight: Your weekly dose of “Arkansas Week,” hosted by Steve Barnes, guest-starring myself, KUAR-FM’s Michael Hibblen and Hendrix College poli-sci guru Jay Barth.

On tonight’s show:

  • We try to find some — any — bright spots in the economy
  • Ponder the new addition to the state GOP
  • Plumb the depth of Mark Martin’s Secretary of State sideshow
  • Consider the Green Party
  • Prepare for the Coming of Rick Perry

Can’t wait for the 8 p.m. air-time? You’re in luck! The show’s available right now right here on AETN.org.


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