The Design of David Fincher: Tuesday’s Good Reads

The Social NetworkInstapaper’d this week:

Why David Fincher Is the Best Design Thinker in Hollywood – Fast Company Design – “Fincher’s coolly intelligent eye, laserlike attention to detail, and (in his best work) apparent fascination withstorytelling as problem-solving, all set him apart from other filmmakers as a true designer-auteur. He makes films like Jony Ive makes iMacs: They just work — with style to burn.”

Let’s Get Social – Jim Emerson, Scanners – More on Fincher. This time, an examination of just how much is packed in every frame of “The Social Network.” How is it that a film of people talking in rooms and, often, sitting around coding can be so action-packed? “It’s action-packed — enough to give you whiplash, watching all the elements interacting within the 2.40:1 widescreen frame …”

The Noyes Machine – MacUser – An excoriation of PCWorld’s Katherine Noyes’ columnizing on tablets and, really, the iPad, which left me, and others, gobsmacked earlier this week.

‘When It’s Not Your Turn’ – The Hooded Utilitarian – The Dickensian Aspect. “The Wire” as Victorian novel. The site was probably down last week when you first tried to access it. It’s back up and worth a read. Fun.

How I Did It: Blockbuster’s Former CEO on Sparring with an Activist Shareholder – Harvard Business Review – First-person account by former Blockbuster CEO John Antioco of his dealings with activist shareholder Carl Icahn and the waning days of the brick-and-mortar movie rental business. Fun fact: After getting the boot, Antioco sold his Blockbuster shares and bought Netflix stock. Includes a note from Icahn.