The Daily Editor: Let’s ‘Do Some Actual Reporting’

New York’s Daily Intel has this staff memo from The Daily Editor Jesse Angelo:

We need to get out there and start finding more compelling stories from around the country – not just scraping the web and the wires, but getting out on the ground and reporting. … Get in front of a story and make it ours – force the rest of the media to follow us. It’s good stories that will keep people coming back to The Daily – we’ve assembled a crack news team, so let’s show the world what we can do.

That’s probably my biggest complaint about The Daily so far. Every major story and most of its news nuggets I’ve either read online elsewhere that day or, often, the day before. If you’re making me pay for an app-only news source, how about giving me something I can’t get everywhere else for free on the open Web, where it’s even more convenient for me to consume?

I expect Angelo and other at News Corp. are hearing this over and over, even above the din of technical complaints they’d been getting about the app itself — slow load times, crashes, etc. At the end of the day, it’s still one-of-kind content that’s going to drive interest.


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